Above: Mike Charles, Sean Pocock, Ian Housley, Ian Landon

The band started out in 1989 when founder members Taffy, Hammer and Nigel played a few numbers at a house party.

Under the name of "Taffy and the Turbans", ten `songs` were performed to a largely enthusiastic bunch who were probably twice as drunk as the band !!! Hammer managed to fall over during one of the songs but this was lost on the audience and made little difference to the musical `flavour` of the song !

After about a year, Nigel the original drummer, sold his kit. This was a surprising move as the boys had another gig approaching! Into the breach step Sean `the Hitman` Pocock !

Taffy, Hammer and Hitman went on to perform numerous gigs as a 3 piece at parties etc until 1996.

In 1996 Ian Housley joined on lead guitar forced the band to [literally] hit new heights. Backing vocals became mandatory as did starting and stopping songs at the same time!!!!

Above: Mike Charles, Ian Housley, Sean Pocock, Paul Hatton

In late 2001 Paul Hatton joined the band as it became increasingly difficult for founder member Taffy to be in the country when gigs were booked.

The band has played numerous gigs throughout the South-West and as far a field as Holland. In addition they won the 1996 Radio Five Live Christmas song competition with `Christmas is a pain in the Arse`. This song was also featured on the Johnnie Walker Drive Time show in December 2002 and on top TV soap Emmerdale on their Xmas day show in 2003. It was last heard on BBC Radio 2 in December 2008. The band have received airplay on numerous radio stations up and down the country.

They remain the only band to have a song played on BBC with the word `arse` in the title.

Above: Looking tough! From left: Ian Housley, Mike Charles, Sean Pocock, Paul Hatton